SOSAD I’ve been reading some of my previous end of the year posts and they are SOSAD. Every year it’s the Same Old Song And Dance. I shall not bore you by posting the same goals. You can check them out…they’re pretty much the same.

Anyone got any new sheet music?

Creating a Great Christmas

christmas-giftsLast year I was really bummed out about Christmas. I was really feeling like it sucked and that it might be that way forever. I get that Christmas is not that great for everyone. But it should be. It’s the most wonderful time in the world, for goodness sake. Yes, I know that not everyone grew up in my childhood home, in fact it was just me and my sister. So I can’t really fault Mylover if he does not know how to make Christmas great. I’ve got to teach him. I have to let him experience what it’s like to get everything that you need, want, and more as an adult. (Within reason…you saw Fabulous & Money Savvy’s post on debt.) So this year I’ve decided to create a great Christmas for Mylover.

That’s what it’s all about anyway, right? The spirit of giving, caring, and sharing.

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Dear debt, it’s over!


What she said…read on…

Originally posted on Fabulous & Money Savvy:

Break up with debt

Far too long you have had a volatile relationship with debt. At one point, it was the love of your life.  It bought you things that you could not afford.  You were able to travel to exotic locations.  You were even able to get into your dream home.  Now, the debt has accumulated and over stayed its welcome.  Like most irritating house guests, it’s time to go.

Today, take the time to create a plan to breakup with debt in 2015.  Do more than just saying or posting on a vision board–take strategic steps to get rid of it for good.

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Food Fears

Despite what some people think, I am committed to losing the weight that I’ve gained since meeting Mylover. How can I tell that I’m committed? I know this because I’m afraid to go home for Thanksgiving. I’m afraid of not having total control over the foods that I will encounter. I know that everything will be delicious and by delicious I mean that everything will be cooked in lots of butter, sugar, and animal fats. That’s just dinner. There will also be lots of yummy desserts and refreshing cocktails. I’m afraid that I might fall off the bandwagon and be crushed by the wheels.


What are you going to do to make sure you are crushed by the bandwagon?

When I was at my fighting weight I was such a food Nazi. I’m going to have to bring that person back.


Yesterday was my first weigh in since restarting WW. It was not awesome. In fact, it was a bit disappointing. I flat-lined! No. I did not die (I guess you knew that). But I lost / gained 0 pounds. I suppose that I should be happy with that result because in all actuality I should have gained weight. After all I was 16 pp over my allotment for the week. My only saving grace was that I earned 25 activity points. Well at least that’s what the Activelink 2.0 claims. I’m not convinced that I believe that little device. It registered that I earned 9 ap on Sunday which I know is a crock of BS because I laid in the bed most of the day watching TV. I’m attributing that error to the fact that I updated my settings at the end of the day with regard to where the Activelink had been place. The days before and the days following Sunday seemed reasonably close to what I’d expect based on my activity level. Not only was yesterday my first weigh in it was also the last day of my Activelink assessment. Based on my results for the week my challenge is to work my way up to 9ap per day over the next 12 weeks. I’m pumped about this challenge. I hate to lose. Even if my competitor is an inanimate object, I will be the victor. Hail to the Victors! Ok, that was over the top…I know it.

What’s going to keep you motivated to work towards your goals over the next 7 days?

If I Lost One Pound per Week

Something to think about when the new year rolls around. Of course, you can start your journey now but keep in mind that each lost pound matters in the end.

By Valentine’s Day, I’d be 7 pounds lighter.
I’m loving it!

By St. Patrick’s Day, I’d be 11 pounds lighter.
With the luck of the Irish, I’ll make my goal!

By Easter, I’d be 16 pounds lighter.
I’d be a cute bunny!

By Memorial Day, I’d be 23 pounds lighter!
Won’t let it rain on my parade!

By Flag Day, I’d be 25 pounds lighter.
Boy, could I wave my flag, then!

By Independence Day, I’d be 27 pounds lighter.
That’s a great independence from over eating!

By Labor Day, I’d be 36 pounds lighter.
What a wonderful reward for my hard work!

By Columbus Day, I’d be 41 pounds lighter.
What a joy to discover what I can do!

By Halloween, I’d be 44 pounds lighter.
I didn’t think I had a ghost of a chance!

By Thanksgiving, I’d be 47 pounds lighter.
I have so much to be thankful for!

By Christmas Eve, I’d be 51 pounds lighter.
Talk about being merry!

By New Year’s Eve, I’d be 52 pounds lighter.
It’s not just a new year, it’s a new ME!

(note this is not original…I first saw this at a Weight Watchers meeting years ago. Who knows where they got it…)

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Enthusiasm of a brown bag


Listen up folks…more great advice from Fabulous & Money Savvy…

Originally posted on Fabulous & Money Savvy:

Isn’t it amazing that most people want change without willing to put forth the effort? Living paycheck to paycheck is all too familiar to many. Believe it or not, small changes can make the biggest difference. Where can you begin? As simplistic as it sounds, the solution starts with you.

What makes matters worse when thinking of how to save money is that you actually fail to save. It is amazing how often I see individuals eat out for lunch daily, only to complain they are broke before payday. When asked, “Why don’t you pack a lunch”? I was told that no one likes to eat leftovers. So, let me get this straight. You would rather go broke, not have an emergency fund, and live from paycheck to paycheck, than eat leftovers? Now, that’s ridiculous!

A brown bag lunch can change your future forever. This simple gesture will improve…

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