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Stop using credit cards to support your lifestyle


I second that emotion.

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I remember years ago while in college I applied for many credit cards to receive a free gift. I had no idea how to manage credit and it [credit cards] became a gateway to a larger habit. I became addicted to designer labels, jewelry and accessories. Credit cards became my crutch.Credit cards

The ‘buy now, pay later’ behavior slowly became part of my demeanor. When I didn’t have enough money to get what I wanted I would simply pull out the credit card and charge it. The balance quickly spiraled out of control and became an embarrassment. It took days to charge out a credit card, but years to pay off.

It was a lesson I learned and realized that it wasn’t a behavior that I wanted to continue. Fast forward twenty years, I still witness consumers in my age group surviving on the plastic.

Credit card statements now display how…

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Recognize bad banking behavior

Originally posted on Fabulous & Money Savvy:

It seems that I’m always a witness to consumers making wrong decisions and blaming others for the outcome.

One day [prehistoric to auto-everything], I was standing in a teller line waiting to deposit a check when I overheard an irate customer yell about her overdrawn account. She was disturbed that her account was hundreds in the hole.

As the Branch Manager kindly explained that Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday was one business day, the ATM wasn’t able to register as quickly to accurately calculate a balance so her account could easily overdraw if she continued to make ATM withdraws. The consumer didn’t feel liable because the bank allowed her to withdraw so they should be responsible for the “mistake”.

“Big bank overdraft fees for a single transaction are very high, ranging from $33 to $37 at the largest banks,” noted Jean Ann Fox, director of financial services for CFA, in…

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The Start of Summer 2014

Last weekend was the unofficial start of summer. After this past winter, we’ve vowed to spend as much time as possible out and about enjoying the city this summer. We started the 2014 summer season by partaking in the free museum day thanks to the Cleveland Foundation. The foundation’s May gift to the community was a FREE day at four Wade Oval institutions in University Circle: Cleveland Botanical Garden, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Museum of Natural History and Western Reserve Historical Society. We got a late start to the day so we were only able to visit three of the four sites. I was pleased to see the array of people who participated in the day’s events. There were people from all walks of life enjoying an awesome cultural experience.

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From Ethiopia to Japan in less than 24 Hours

This weekend Mylover and I took a quick trip around the world. We traveled from Ethiopia to Japan in less than 24 hours. We started out in Ethiopia on Friday night by dining at Empress Taytu. Empress Taytu is an authentic Ethiopian restaurant on the eastside of Cleveland. As we were entering the restaurant there was a family leaving the restaurant, the little boy was raving about how good the food was…good sign. We were greeted by a young lady who wanted to know if we wanted to sit a traditional table or the standard restaurant table. Since we were in for the full experience we opted for the traditional table.

20140530_191551 20140530_190302It took us a while to decide what we wanted to eat. Neither of us had ever had Ethiopian food so we really had to study the menu. In the end, we decided on an appetizer combo that included two lentil sambusas, two beef sambusas, and collard greens with ambasha.


For our main entrée we choose:

Misir – Red split lentils cooked in berbere sauce and fine herbs, and blended with chopped onions.

Tikil Gomen – Lightly spiced vegetable stew of cabbage, carrots, and potatoes.

Segawat – Tender beef cubes, stewed with berbere sauce and flavored with onions, garlic, and ginger root.

Minchetabish – Savory chopped top ground beef cooked with a tasty combination of seasoning and spices.

20140530_194954Overall, we had a good experience. I would definitely go back.

From Ethiopia we traveled to Japan, by dining Saturday night at Noodlecat. noodlecatI was unsure how the evening was going to turn out because Mylover was looking at the menu with an expression of disappointment. I coaxed him into staying and he ended up really enjoying his meal. I did as well. We started by ordering steamed buns. I ordered the pulled pork steamed bun with sesame BBQ and Mylover had the brisket bun with power island & kim chi. They were both very good but mine was better…the sweetness of BBQ sauce put it over the top.

20140531_193735I selected Mylover’s entree because of the way he was looking at the menu we initially arrived. I selected the smoked beef brisket ramen for Mylover. This dish contained the house cured Ohio beef, braised swiss chard, stout vinegar, soy egg & fennel frond. It was very good.

20140531_193743But again not better than my meal (no picture). For myself, I selected the dan dan ramen with spicy garlic oil, roasted peanut, sweet soy, basil & thai szechuan chili. I can’t wait to have it again.

So there you go, our trip around the world via food.

How did you spend your weekend?



What good is a liar?


Life would be so much easier if the nose of liars actually grew as they spun their tales. Imagine the time that you’d save if you could quickly separate the liars from the rest of the bunch.

No matter how big or small a lie is a lie and that’s all there is to it. News flash…withholding information is also a form of lying.

So what good is a liar? A liar is of no use to anyone. Liars can’t be trusted and trust is the basis of all relationships (romantic, family, friends, professional, etc.).

That’s all…